Summer season are here again…vacation mode, family bonding, travel goals or whatever you may call it- but one thing is for sure we all want to enjoy. From bookings of flight and hotels, picking what clothes to bring and a whole lot more we must not forget the food. Well food is a basic need, right? But not all type of food we can just bring. When traveling and staying somewhere away from your golden kitchen you consider to think of food that is suitable in the place and won’t give you a headache. I’ve listed down below some ideas and tips on what food to bring for a beach outing

Traveling can be long and boring sometimes but not when u have NUTS! Whatever kind of nuts it is will do as long as you have water at your side. Nuts are small and very handy to bring so lots of peeps prefer to bring it. It is very nutritious as well. Though, anything that is too much is not good so lets all eat in moderation after we do not want to spoiled the trip just for eating too much of nuts.

As I mention a while ago, we must have our drinking WATER always. Going in different places and doing a lot of activities can be tiring and energy consuming. And since its summer it is expected that the weather will be hotter than usual, drinking water helps us to stay hydrated. FRUIT JUICES also is in during this season for they give us a refreshing feeling and nutrients at the same time.
FRUITS are very common if you are always going in a family outing. Our elders, mother, aunties love to bring fruits- apple, grapes, banana and oranges are just some in their list. Fruits is also a practical food to bring, just need to wash and that’s it – bite on baby!

If your planning to stay overnight then you guys must have a RICE. Filipinos loves to eat and rice is one common thing to be paired always in some dishes. But for some who just stay for less than one day then at least bring some BREAD. I do not suggest to bring a bread that is too sweet or has a sugar topping on for the reason, it will melt and couldn’t stand long due to the temperature.


Viand and Dishes - Georgina Scarlett

Family outing is kind of a feast. Why? Because of the fact that you can see a lot of dishes and viands in the table, but unlike in the feast most of the food in outing are grilled, fried, boiled or stew. Grilling is one of the famous types of cooking for outdoor activities. Moms usually marinates the meat/fish for a tastier barbecue. Usually chicken barbecue hotdog and fish are the star of it. Grilling of food also can be a way of bonding, – you know that chitchatting while turning the sticks on -what an awesome memory to be treasure. Fried is there as well, for it is not easily being spoiled. Some love to bring stew dishes but we must be very careful of it and must consume immediately.


Desserts Sweets - Georgina Scarlett

For the dessert, u guys can bring a cake or any other stuff that u can easily buy from the store. But if you have time and want to existed some efforts then u can make you own. I suggest some salads like BUKO salad or whatever salads you prefer. For it is easy and ingredients are available in the market keep in mind if you have salad in your list then prepare also your small box type cooler.

To sum it up we must avoid those viands that has a lot of tomatoes or onions – for all we know these two components make the life shorter of any dishes especially if it’s not in fridge. Another thing to consider is how we packed those dishes. These are some unnoticed issues of some moms, the container or Tupperware to be use. Always use a container that has a small hole to keep the air up. Have a separate serving spoon for each viand/ dish to avoid food contamination or spoiling. Lets have a full of exciting summer vacation and a healthy one.