Most of us don’t feel that we are gaining weight unless someone notice it and tell it to us. Then you start to think- am I look fat? Really? then reality hurts when you look in the mirror and you see some saggy tummy”! Oh my! Guess I need to go in the gym now and start some workouts.” Here are some basic essentials that every woman must have when doing workout at gym.

Gym Bag

You must have a bag that can carry all the things you need during your workouts. A compartment where you can put your workout necessities, like shoes and towel and some other valuables things.  Usually backpack and big body/sling bag are commonly use for that. Get a bag that not just spacious but also comfortable enough for you to carry.

Training Clothes

It is a must t to have your decent training clothes because some gym requires it. And since you will do your workout it is expected that you will sweat and might look little be haggard so let your outfit carry and balance your look. Get yourself some leggings and active wear so you will be comfortable enough.

Sports Bra

It is not just for fashion or style purposes but to have a good and comfortable sport bra gives us good support while doing our workouts. It will save you muscle pain and discomfort.  All good sport bra might be a little bit pricey but its all worth it as long as you choose the good and perfect for your size.

Shoes / Trainers

For you to move freely you must have a good pair of shoes/trainers. It maybe a little bit expensive but the quality and durability will not be at stake.


Be well prepared and ready while in gym. Because it is expected that you will be sweating a lot after some workouts so get some towels to use.

Tumbler/ Water Bottle

Do not forget to bring your tumbler or water bottle. Drinking some fruit juices or water will help you to stay hydrated after a long and tiring workout.


Having your headphones and enjoying some of the songs will help you enjoy your workout at the gym. Choose a headphone that are fitness-oriented design so it will fit your needs. A light weight headphone with a Bluetooth is a good one that you may consider to have.

Sporty Watch/ Timer / Monitor

To keep track and see how you doing during your workout moments you can use a fitness tracker. It a small and handy device that is specifically design for fitness purposes.

Smartphone Armband

If you want to bring your phone with you while doing your workouts then get a smartphone armband. You can securely put it in your arms together with your smartphone so no worries at all.