Fashion Patrol
What to look forward this 2019 in the world of fashion? Well I guess this is the right time that you ladies
take your grandma closet’s ( hopefully its still safe ) ! Hmmm kidding aside 2019 will be a year of ruffles ,
pleats , graphics and tie knots – sounds like princess in the making huh! Oh yes! Who wouldn’t want to
be a princess?! We all want to be a princess! But lets be more guided on how we will be all in for 2019
I’ve listed 5 of my well trusted and favorites brands here in the Philippines that will totally bring out the
best of u and keeping u FASHIONISTA!

First in our list in the Plains & Prints. These brand will let u choose from a wide range of dresses – casual
and formal- name it ,this shop have it all . So nothing to worry either u will u go to office at the morning
and want a chill and relaxing moment with friends/ office mates at night – all you have to do is mix and
match! Thats’s sound cool isn’t?

For Me . Yes! For Me is in my second list . I was in my college when I first saw this shop at Sm. Shop are
well decorated and looks like a candy store LoL. I don’t know if its still there but before there is like a
pushcart and a candy maker hah aha but that was fun and cute. So this shop is like for kikays! .Though
they also have a lot of dresses to choose from .

The third on my list coco cabana ! Coco cabana is famous when its come to summer dress, swimsuits
and everything that is connected to summer! ( except for tickets and hotel accommodation of resorts).
We all want to go the beach and take a pose ,click here and there with a caption! This shop gives the
latest trends in beach dresses and swimsuit in a affordable price. They often do sale so u better watch
for that and flaunt that curve under Sun!

Penshoppe and Bench will get the fourth spot and fifth spot! Who will not recognize these brands?! We
all know these two shops – they are everywhere! What I adore about Penelope and bench is that they
have a good shop where both men and women can buy and choose . From perfumes ,caps, slippers
,pants ,t-shirt everything is there ( except for the food ). These shops also offer always a big discount and

Fashion always come and go! You don’t need to spend thousands of bucks for a dress just to be IN
FASHION ! IT’S A BIG NO LADIES! On the other hand if u can afford it and that’s what makes u happy
then go for it . But for peeps like me I always prefer the dress that has a good quality at the same time
won’t hurt my pocket! You can also widen imaginations and let that creativity in your body to come out!
Fashion is naturally in you! Its inside u! It’s what you are! Express yourself and be bold ladies!