Going something formal? Wedding, corporate meetings, applying jobs or even just a dinner with your future mother and father in law you must be well prepared. But thinking what to wear on this occasion can be troublesome and what’s even worse we did not get that perfect look that we are trying to achieve. Whatever your occasions or reason why you need to find a formal outfit/ dress this will serve u a guide and will bring useful tips on how to attain that dream look.

Events/ Occasion

Be specific: what kind of occasion it is? From that point of view asking and making your self aware on which occasion are you planning to go or got invited will be the main priority on what outfit we have. Lets all dress according to the occasion, events, and locations of it. After all you do not want to be out of place or over a dress for that, not unless you to be an apple of the eye in a different way

Set a Budget

creating a budget on how much we can afford to spend for a piece of formal dress, accessories, and shoes is a must- we do not spend thousand of bucks for a one-time occasion not unless you can afford it -it won’t be a problem. Formal dress isn’t hard to find, you can easily find it at malls at a very affordable price and that’s what we all want.

Don’t Buy Online

as much as possible don’t buy online. We are all excited to pick a dress online but not this time. Like any other stuff or whatever event, you are going you must see it in actual and that’s online cannot give us. We don’t want any hassle if something goes wrong right ladies? But if you’re really decided to shop online then take the risk and just make sure you have allotted time for any return or whatever that might get wrong

Styles to Wear

Know what style of dress you want to have is kinda same with knowing your self-more. style describe how you are as a person but not at all times. some go on their comfort zone and trying something and some will just be sticking on their looks well whatever it is as long as you can carry yourself go for it!

Deciding what Color

To save time and effort you must think of what color you want to wear. it gives a quicker idea of what looks you what to have and will guide for some accessories and shoes to locked u your p perfectly formal attire

Finding your Right Size / Body Frame

Being aware of what size you need is a very important thing to consider. It is not a guessing game that you might say that “yeah we have the same size!” it’s a no no no ladies! You and your sister might have the same looks of body frame but in real and during the fitting time its not. The suit and dresses that are available in some shops have their own measurements though in general, those are extra small, small, medium, large etc. and what more confusing is in which size they are like US, UK EUR- or whatever country it is.

Completing your Looks

So, to complete your desired formal attire- accessories, bags, and shoes will be there to fully give justice on your dress. Hair accessories and jewelry give the glamorous and elegant look as always. Just be sure that it compliments your dress style and color. Another thing is the bags- clutch bag or a small ling bag will be good for that. And for the shoes I prefer to have a heel for it gives you a good stand and figure- it also helps the dress to be better.