Going for vacation and want to maintain that fresh look this summer? Herse are some things that u must have for a well prepare trip. We all love beach, right? That relaxing moment under the sun, calm breeze of the sea, and cool refreshing juice! Oh wow! What a life! But wouldn’t it be nicer and more awesome if we are ready. No more oh , oops and ouch for the things that u forget to bring. We do not want that hassle! So, here’s my simple quick list of things that we must bring and never forget!

1. Nice And Big ToTe Bag

Nice and big tote bag - Georgina Scarlett

A good and spacious tote big is one of the must have ladies. That is where we put our things and everything that we want. for an outing that is just for good one- or two-days tote bag is enough but for some who really want to go for a TRAVEL GOALS then I suggest use a trolley luggage bag. Since we are going for an outing ideally at the beach or some resorts lets choose a bag that suits the location.
Native bags are popular now and good for beach outing for its cute and stylish design. Though is a little bit costly but u can still find a good one in a reasonable price.

2. Swimwear

Its either u want to show some skin or stay conservative u must have that right outfit. On this phase I will it all to u ladies. You know yourself more but still choose the swimwear that u is comfortable to wear of. I know some that will buy a bikini and, on the time, that they need to wear it they will all go back to their comfort zone hehehe.

3. Beach maxi dress

Beach Maxi Dress - Georgina Scarlett


I love maxi dress! Yes, that’s look gorgeous right? Walking in the shore, a good sunset and the fresh air blowing your dress creating an image of a lady that we always see in the movie ha-ha. So why don’t u try to get one – (maxi dress) and u will definitely get what I mean!

4. Shades / Sunglasses

Sunglasses - Georgina Scarlett

Now let’s add more bang in your looks- that is with sunglasses! We all grow up that summer is well associated with fashionable sunglasses, not for looks but for your protection as well. It is said that a good sunglass is a real head turner. You may have the looks of some Hollywood star like Angelina Jolie with the right sunglasses that enhance your looks. So, on your next trip do not forget to bring a powerful weapon or else u may end borrowing on some, and that’s a bit disgusting!

5. Essentials (Shampoo/Conditioner/Sunblock/Lotion etc)

Essentials - Georgina Scarlett

Let’s not put our self on a little stress that may we encounter. Since its summer, it is expected that sun is really up and hot more than the usual so we must have a sunblock. There is a lot of sunblock that is available in the market but not all give the right protection for our skin. According to the study the higher the SPF can really make a big difference on protecting our skin especially if we are getting expose from a long period of time. Aside from the sunblock we must have our basic needs like shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.

6. Small Medical kit/Medicines

Have some health issues or whether your kind of clumsy for some reason we must have at least first aid kit or our personal medicines. Let’s be responsible enough while enjoying.

7. Scarf/Umbrella/ Hat

Umbrella - Georgina Scarlett

For a trip that requires a long walk especially exploring the beach and town then u need an umbrella. Scarf is fine but that wont take long and you will find yourself sweating. Some make the most out of the things they bring like for example umbrella and scarf, giving that drama on some photos! That’s a very good idea -Perfect for Instagram! Awesome!

8. Footwear / Slippers Flat Sandals

Footwear - Georgina Scarlett

To complete that summer look – get a pair of beach slipper! Slippers are light weight that allow us to move freely and comfortable.
Gadgets stuff like camera phone selfie stick power bank etc- are the things that I guess no one will forget! So let’s make all our summer 2019 be awesome.