We wake up and sleep, doing our daily routines- some may be in school, some will need to go to work and some remain at the house, whatever and wherever you are aren’t you tired looking at the mirror seeing the same u? Well there is really no wrong to stay that way, as long as you feel good, you doing good that’s totally awesome! But I’m sure whenever you watch tv or just read some magazines or just by browsing in internet you will see a lot of artist and personality making there on style and fashion and that caught your attention, right? Then you going to start to think- wow she looks good on that haircut or that gorgeous! amazing blue hair and from that somehow lots of question will pop up in your mind- what if I try that also? Will it fit me? How would I look like? What will be the reaction of my family and friends? And a whole lot more question will be – but sadly to say there will be no answer for that unless you will give it a try.

Since most of us are being dressed by our parents, the style, the dressing, the hair etc are being carried until we reach the age of teenager or for some until adulthood. Some will just go with what is the trending and some will just stay the same. Some will be stay reserved and conservative while some will be adventurous. Like what I said and with what we always hear there is no wrong with what you want- to be conservative or adventurous it’s your choice it’s your life. But for some who have those question on mind and want to get out of their comfort zone- this one is really for you. You want to change your haircut? From long hair to something short hair DO IT! Its your hair and you if you know that you will be more comfortable with it then go for it girl! Ignore all those bashers! One thing I also noticed, when we girls cut our hair from long to short or even, we just change our haircut peeps will think we are broken or moving on – CAN’T I CUT OR DO SOMETHING NEW WITH MY HAIR? I JUST WANT IT LOL. People have always something to say whether you do good or not so why bother live in their standards?! Dye your hair with blue or green or red or whatever color you like one thing for sure is that DON’T LET OTHER PEOPLE DEFINE YOU. So, what if you have rainbow colour of hair (honestly that’s cute)- or you wear short and sexy dress it doesn’t mean you’re a cheap girl. When you have a tattoo and peeps will immediately whisper that might be, you’re an addict. Omg! They just don’t have anything to do and talk or worse their jealousy over you cannot be controlled. what you have to do is totally ignore them, leave those toxic people. that is your life, your money your time everything is yours and most of all does it hurt them? Nope right? Live the life you want, have it and continue to grow, knowing your inner self more is better than to listen on them. So girl be free and getting out of your comfort zone is okay , wear what you want , be what you want to be -your life your say.