Feeling bored and don’t know what to do during your free time this summer? Might be your one of those peeps who feels sick staying at room and just watching TV.  Worry no more, we got you covered. Here are some fun and free things to do to enjoy your summer without blowing your pocket.

  1. Walk and explore your place / city- visit some parks
  2. Visit your parents/ relatives/ friends – reconnect with them and have a bonding.
  3. Look for a public swimming pools or community pools nearby and swim.
  4. Call a friend or your special someone to play board game
  5. Do a movie marathon
  6. Learn some new things like painting or blogging
  7. Check your fridge and try new recipes
  8. Visit the library
  9. Walk on mall for time passing- window shopping
  10. Be a selfie expert
  11. Play a sport
  12. Start your workout plan or enroll in some free workout class
  13. Be a child again- bath in rain and play bubbles
  14. Do some recollection or bible study
  15. Watch the sunrise and sunset
  16. Go greener- start planting
  17. Ride a bike
  18. Stay and relax in beach or bay
  19. Go in bazaar or trade fair / festival
  20. Try fishing