Everything is so fast now from food transportation and shopping all just in one glimpse away. With the use of our smartphones and some apps whoa life so easy right? Let’s talk about shopping for now- Since not everyone of us have the time to go in malls- lots of peeps switch on online shopping. yes, online shopping! from Facebook down to some website like Lazada and Shoppe you can see everything u need. Aside from that u can easily compare the prices of it and if you’re lucky enough u might get some voucher / discount coupon. Here are the 5 quick tips for shopping online.

Likes Followers and Ratings

Likes Followers and Ratings - Georgina Scarlett

Look for a shop that has a huge number of likes, followers and rating. By doing this we can have a little idea if the shop is doing good or if it’s really a legit or not. The higher the likes and rating can give u little relief that you are in one of the good shops. Likes and ratings are given to shop based from their old buyers.

Product Details and Price

Product Details and Price - Georgina Scarlett

Once decided of what item you want to order, don’t be so excited to buy it now. Reading the description of the said product is a must. some shops offer a cheap item with a same photo from some higher price shop- but the quality is not good. As a buyer it is our responsibility to read the product details and description.

Old Customer Comments and Photos

Old Customer Comments and Photos - Georgina Scarlett

Its quite confusing sometimes when we are buying online, how it is in photo and in real are quite different sometimes. So, to clear that confusion of things then we must give little time to read / check some comments and if there’s a photo that has been uploaded then much better.

Discount Coupon/ Voucher

Discount Coupon - Georgina Scarlett

Getting a discount makes us all happy right? So, I really make it sure that I’ve check some sites that offer it. For we all know they all have different price some might be higher or lower. but what’s more exciting is that when you got a voucher that can be used to lessen the total amount of your purchase and a free shipping.

Mode of Payment

Mode of Payment - Georgina Scarlett

For the mode of payment, it is all depend on you. Some prefer to buy using their debit card and pay the items right away upon order, some use the bayad centre to pay and the other choose the cash on delivery. But in my opinion, I always choose the cash on delivery for all my orders online, it gives more security that the items will really arrive and if not then no worries at all.