Excited for upcoming vacation, but on a tight budget? In this blog we are going to explore and tackle how to stay on a budget while creating awesome memories and exploring some beautiful places.  Yes, it is true that money can make your travel experience easier and more comfortable but why do you need to spend too much for that -if you can be wiser and be more guided by our simple and effective budget travel hacks.

Airline flight booking- SEATSALE

Whether you are going for a domestic or international flight you have to book ahead of time. Booking ahead of time is very good way to save a lot of money and will give you a relief. But to save a lot of money and make your travel more budget friendly I highly suggest that look and wait for a SEATSALE. Most of the airlines have their all year round SEATSALE / FLIGHT PROMO that let you book a flight in a very low price. This kind of promo are well loved by travellers and bloggers so they always keep an eye on it. guess you must join them too! Catch the SEATSALE and travel the world! Hooray!

Travel light/ Avoid too much baggage

Another way to save money is to travel very light. Please avoid bringing a lot so you don’t need to buy a baggage allowance or else you will be force to leave some of your exceeded stuff in the airport. All economy flight usually has a free 7kg hand carry baggage – just be guided with the airline policy.

Avoid hotels – rent a pad/ condo or apartment Airbnb

If you’re going to a well-known tourist spot hotel are extremely high price. And that is a crazy freaking bad news – but not anymore! Based on my personal experience big thanks to Airbnb we can have a good room/apartment and experience a good ambiance, luxury comfort and feels like home. Renting in Airbnb is awesome- its like home away from home feeling, not just a room but it also gives you freedom to cook your food where a small kitchen is provided.

Choose budget friendly meals/ food

Since you are in budget it is a must that we also need to find a good and cheap food. Traveling and exploring some places is good for trying different types of street foods. You are not just holding your pennies but at the same time you are exploring their culture base on food. Street foods are typically cheap and good and if you’re a foody like me then it’s a win win situation! But if you want to seat properly and enjoy eating different dish then I suggest find a buffet.

Use the public transportation while exploring the place or rent a bike/car

In some of our past travels, me and my husband rent a bike.  Renting a bike, a way cheaper and more convenient. But remember you must have a valid professional driver’s licensed. If just in case you don’t have then better choose public transportation. For family like a member of 4 or 5 then I suggest rent a car. Avoid taxi unless its really the last options.

Visit a free tourist spot or book earlier your ticket ( KLOOK or METRO-DEAL )

Visiting and exploring some free tourist attractions are awesome. No money needed. It calm your pocket hahaha.. but vacations will not be a vacation without visiting those landmarks that require a ticket. If that so then all we can do if find a discounted ticket. The site like KLOOK and METRO-DEAL have those discounted ticket

Take A Lot of Pictures / Videos as Souvenirs

Taking a photo and recording our videos in that place is totally a good souvenir’s and its FREE! But if you cannot avoid to buy a souvenir then choose only the best on your budget and please control yourself to do a shopping if you don’t have a baggage allowance on your flight booking going back.