Thinking to what kind of prints or style will be hit this 2019? Well, fashion has been a roller coaster ride same with your love life ha ha ha… let’s talk more about our topic now- so what’s usual types of clothes and prints are always in and being loved by everyone?

Plains Prints

Plains Prints - Georgina Scarlett

Plains prints and colors are one of the basic and never-ending choices of most of us, right? Admit it or not we all prefer the plain colors for it is easy to find and paired off. Another reason is that it can suit any occasion and put or choosing accessories will not be an issue. Usually black, blue, red and white are commonly prefer for dresses. Colors as what we know help us to enhance our physical appearance or hide unwanted fats hehehe like for example black to make you more slim and yellow or red to make you whiter and fairer.

Checkered Stripes and Plaids

Checkered Stripes - Georgina Scarlett

Just like plain colors and pints Checkered stripes and plaids prints never loss it shines in the fashion industry. It is also a print that can be unisex and can be casual or formal as well. It is said that the vertical line can make you more a little bit thinner while the horizontal line does the opposite- but I guess that’s all still be depending on you, your height, body structure, the shape of the face and how you mix and match your outfit.


Polka - Georgina Scarlett

Polka dots are often associated with coin or money especially for some Chinese who celebrate the new year. These types of prints are more feminine, for more than century, polka dots have been there and continue to rock the fashion industry. Designers embraced this fun print in skirt, dresses, tops and some accessories.

Girl talk on- Florals!

Florals - Georgina Scarlett

Girl talk on- florals! It’s a phenomenon and most loved by women. You can never go wrong with florals aside from its fun, nice and cute flowery designs together with some good colors on it create an image of an innocent and sweet young lady
Roar! Animal print is also in our list – this classic print keeps the fashion industry hot and bolder. Animal print in generals like leopard, cheetah, zebra, snakeskin, and butterflies are mostly out in the market. Most of the high-class brand of dress, lingerie, and bag are fond of these print and our favorite Hollywood stars patronage it


Camouflage - Georgina Scarlett

Camouflage is usually a soldier or military print but this print won’t just lay on that fact, aside from on some military uniform camouflage enter the world of fashion for a quite long time now and it really on one print that’s stand the test of time. Camouflage gives an eye-grabbing effect that is usually in some trousers and jackets.

Feather Print

Feather print is having a fabulous comeback in the fashion industry. These types of prints give us the expression of glamorous in simplicity. Last year before the year 2018 ends feather prints show up already and it is said that will be more dominant this 2019. So, let’s soar high as we welcome back the feather print.